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Can We Talk creates a space for you and your peers to think about how you participate in social change.




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Penn Badgley

Nura Mowzoon

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We believe that meaningful conversation is the first critical step towards meaningful action.

DePaul Jeff Carrion

Jeff Carrion, DePaul University

We want to understand how and why we tend to overlook this step, and to think about how we can reorient ourselves to see the potential for collaboration in all people – not just those we easily agree with.

Penn and Nura want to have an interactive discussion with you about how to navigate increasingly volatile and polarized spaces – starting with the relationships you already have. Together we can explore how healthy and productive communication can create the building blocks of a truly better world.

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What We Do

After exploring the science, psychology, and social dynamics underpinning the Can We Talk framework, we dive into a vibrant, real-time discussion with you—the audience—exploring how these concepts translate into real-life scenarios. 

The floor is yours as much as it is ours. Join us! 

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